Elderly abuse claims

No-one likes to think about abuse of the elderly but unfortunately there are cases of physical, mental or emotional abuse which are distressing to the person affected and their families.

Many cases occur in nursing homes and hospitals.

Types of elderly abuse

This type of abuse includes physical, sexual and mental abuse. Another form of abuse is where an elderly person is pressurised into changing their will by a relative, carer or friend. Alternately they may be forced to release monies or pay for services which they do not require.

If you are the son/daughter of an elderly parent or a relative of an elderly member of your family who has suffered from abuse then it is distressing to learn of this. To discover that your parent or relative has been neglected, ill treated or the victim of fraud is a traumatic experience.

Elderly people are vulnerable which means that any neglect or abuse has a noticeable effect on their physical and mental condition. They are often on their own and without anyone to defend them, are unable to deal with neglect or abuse in the same way that a younger person would.

If you suspect that an elderly parent or relative has been abused or suffered neglect then consider making a complaint and applying for compensation.

Making a claim for compensation for elderly abuse

A personal injury law firm or solicitor will be able to help you with making a complaint and claiming for compensation. If the abuse or neglect has taken place in a nursing home or hospital then they will advise you to lodge a complaint with the Care Quality Commission.

The Care Quality Commission (www.cqg.org.uk) is an independent regulatory body which monitors health and social care in the UK. This includes help and advice about how to choose a care home and what you should expect.

Your lawyer or solicitor should handle this type of claim with sensitivity and understanding, and with full knowledge of the issues involved.

They will advise you about making a claim for compensation if your elderly parent or relative has sustained an injury; or they will assist you at the inquest if unfortunately, your elderly parent or relative has died due to abuse or neglect.

To learn more about the claims process, visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Visit the Action on Elder Abuse website (www.elderabuse.org.uk) for more information about the campaign to protect elderly people from abuse or neglect.

Time limit for claiming compensation for elderly abuse claims

Most compensation claims have a deadline of 3 years but this differs in certain cases. There are a variety of factors which determine the outcome of a claim and these will be discussed with you by your solicitor or lawyer.

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