Gym and fitness centre accident claims

Gyms and fitness centres are popular with many people who see them as a great way of getting in shape and in a sociable environment.

Around 4 million people in the UK have a gym membership and whilst gyms are ideal for health and fitness there are potential dangers as well.

Owners of gyms and leisure centres have a duty of care to their members/clients which includes ensuring that you can exercise easily and safely. If this safeguard is missing or fails then an injury can occur which can be serious even life threatening.

Gyms and fitness centres

A gym or fitness centre usually offers a wide variety of choice in regard to health and fitness which includes fitness classes, e.g. aerobics, a weight training area, cardio machines, e.g. treadmills and specialist services, e.g. physiotherapy.

They should conduct an induction for any new member or client to ensure that they are able to use the equipment safely and to follow any instructions given.

Machines should be maintained on a regular basis and weight training areas should be tidied up after each session.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and accidents occur where there is neglect or a lack of duty of care.

Types of accidents in a gym or fitness centre

These include:

  • Poorly maintained or broken equipment
  • Lack of instruction
  • Incorrect instructions
  • Slips, trips or falls, e.g. tripping over weights or a frayed carpet.
  • Slipping on spilt water or any other liquid

Whilst people who use a gym or fitness centre are expected to take some responsibility for their behaviour whilst exercising, there still needs to be safeguards in place.

If you have become injured as a result of any of the above named accidents which were not your fault then you may be able to claim compensation.

This equally applies to your family. The impact of this type of injury affects them as well as you. If your injury is serious enough to have caused you to take time off work then compensation can cover the subsequent loss of earnings and pension rights.

It can also cover any additional costs incurred by your injury which will go some way to easing the stress this has caused both you and your family.

Making a claim for compensation for a gym or fitness centre injury

Find a personal injury lawyer or solicitor who has experience in this type of claim and will be able to handle your case for you. He or she will have knowledge and understanding of what this claim involves and the many issues surrounding it.

Personal injury claims are complex affairs which require the skill and dedication of a reputable firm.

They will assess your claim before advising you on the likely outcome. The aim is to prove that your injury was caused by negligence which requires proof to do so.

Your personal injury lawyer or solicitor will discuss this with you and any other related issue.

For more information visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for a gym or fitness centre injury

There are strict deadlines for personal injury claims which are set at 3 years from the date of the initial accident, injury or illness. A claim for compensation must be made within 3 years of this date.

However there are certain types of claims which have a different time limit. Speak to your lawyer or solicitor about this.

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