Using a claims assessor

Another option for anyone who is looking to make a personal injury claim is a ‘claims assessor’. If you are in this position and are thinking about legal representation then this is one of several options.

The other options are finding a personal injury lawyer or choosing a solicitor.

Claims management companies

Claims assessors are employed by claims management companies and these companies handle compensation cases on a ‘no win no fee’basis.

If you want to know more then visit our no win no fee section.

There are numerous claims management firms who offer this service. They handle the entire process which makes it easier for the client as well as ensuring that this system is available to all whatever their income level.

They retain their own lawyers or have contracts with external solicitors who handle cases for them for which they pay commission on.

This arrangement is based upon the no win no fee system in that the solicitors only receive a fee if a claim is successful.

However, these solicitors often insist on a ‘success fee’in order to recompense them if a case is unsuccessful. This acts as a form of underwriting against this risk.

So, if you make a claim for compensation which is successful then you will have to pay your solicitor’s fees plus a ‘success fee’as well. If you decide to use a claims management company then you will not be charged a fee for doing so. But you will be charged a ‘success fee’if you win your case.

Your claim will be assessed by a claims manager who will determine if you have suitable grounds for making a claim. If you are considered eligible then your claim will be referred to a solicitor.

There are many claims management companies who provide a useful and often rewarding service. Unless you are fully conversant with the legal system it can be huge relief to have someone experienced in these matters to take this on for you.

Find a good, reputable claims company who will act with your best interests at heart. They should explain the process in full and make you aware of what the fees/payment structure is.

Check that your claims management company is licensed by the Claims Management Regulation which is administered by the Ministry of Justice. This site contains information about this for consumers and anyone who deals with these types of companies.

Their website is:

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