Criminal injuries compensation authority

This is a government organisation which exists to help and support people who have been the victim of a criminal assault. If you have sustained a physical or psychological injury as a result of a violent act then you may be able to claim compensation.

Their website is:

They use a set of criteria to determine your eligibility for a compensation award. These guidelines are called the ‘Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme’ and determine the amount that can be paid out for a compensation claim.

(Source: Criminal injuries compensation authority)

What can you claim for?

There are four categories of compensation which you can claim for which include:

  • Compensation for personal injury/injuries as a result of a criminal act.
  • Compensation for the injury to or loss of a loved one as a result of a criminal act.
  • Compensation for your loss of earnings
  • Compensation for special expenses

Compensation for a personal injury is known as a ‘tariff award’. You can also be compensated for expenses and loss of earnings but only if you are eligible for the tariff award.

(Source: Criminal injuries compensation authority)

How do you apply?

Their website is a good starting point. They have an online application form for people to complete plus information and advice about doing so.

Other alternatives include by post or through Victims Support (

How is your claim dealt with?

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) will provide you with a reference number. They will obtain information related to your claim from the police, GP/hospital and any other relevant bodies.

They will keep you updated of the progress of your claim.

This can be a long process so be prepared to wait for a year or even longer. They will inform you in writing of their decision. If you are successful then you will receive a single compensation payment.

If you are refused an award and wish to appeal against this then you can do so through the independent ‘Tribunals Service: Criminal Injuries Compensation’.

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