Shopping centre and supermarket accident claims

Many people use shopping centres and supermarkets on a regular basis and enjoy the convenience that they bring. Everything that they need is contained within an accessible space and there is usually plenty to see and do.

We all to a certain extent, have to go shopping which means that these places are frequented on a daily basis.

Most people visit their supermarket or shopping centre without any problems but there are others who suffer an accident or injury. If this has happened as a result of carelessness or neglect then they may be able to claim compensation.

Types of accidents in shopping centres and supermarkets

The most common accidents include:

  • Slips, e.g. liquid on the floor
  • Trips, e.g. objects on the floor
  • Falls, e.g. loose carpet or tiles
  • Being hit by a falling object, e.g. item on a shelf

These accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries which range from the relatively mild, e.g. cuts and bruises through to serious, e.g. broken bones.

In some cases these can result in a life long disability.

Impact of a shopping centre or supermarket accident

The consequences of this type of injury can be devastating. It can mean that you have to take time off work which then impacts upon your income level. It may also affect your pension rights.

This also affects your family. If you are the main breadwinner but are incapacitate as a result then this can cause financial hardship for you and your family. There is the physical distress of the injury plus the mental stress caused by these consequences.

For example: your injury may require specialist treatment and care which is costly both in terms of time and money. You may need physiotherapy.

If this has to be paid for by you then it only adds to the stress. You may not be eligible for any help from the State but if you are then this can be a complex and time consuming affair.

Compensation can help. If it is shown that your injury was caused by a lack of duty of care rather than an accident on your part then you may be awarded compensation.

Owners of shopping centres and supermarkets have a duty of care to their employees and their customers. They have to take steps to ensure that their customers can shop without any risk to themselves.

There should be health and safety guidelines in place to protect customers against any mishaps.

But if this fails or is not implemented then an accident can occur.

You may be able to make a claim for compensation if your injury was caused by their negligence.

Making a claim for compensation for a shopping centre or supermarket accident

Find a personal injury lawyer, solicitor or a claims management company who have expertise in these types of claims. They will have handled many of these cases before and understand the many complex issues involved.

A lawyer will have a wealth of knowledge about the claims process and will be able to advise you accordingly. He or she should show sensitivity and discretion whilst handling your case and keep you informed as to its progress.

What is useful is if you have reported your accident to the manager of the supermarket or shopping centre. Make a note of when it happened and take any photos of the offending area.

There should be an accident book or report form for you to fill in.

If anyone witnesses your accident then ask them for their names and addresses. These people can provide evidence to support your claim.

For more information about the claims process, visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for a shopping centre or supermarket accident

Personal injury compensation claims have a 3 year time limit.

However this does differ in certain categories of claims. Check with your personal injury lawyer or solicitor to confirm the deadline for your claim.

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