Accidents and illness abroad

This category of personal injuries deals with accidents and illnesses which occur when abroad. This includes holidays, business, sport etc.

Being involved in an accident or sustaining an injury whilst abroad is a traumatic experience and in many ways it is worse than if it occurs at home.

There is the stress and anxiety of the accident or injury itself plus the additional burden of having to deal with the authorities, police and legal system in another country.

This is a time when you need help, support and advice and it can be stressful trying to obtain this whilst in a foreign country.

So what can go wrong when you are abroad? Quite a lot more than you realise. Thousands of people are injured or fall ill whilst in a foreign country which can make for a miserable experience. We all hope that it never happens to use but sadly, there are people who are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury – either by sheer bad luck or because of someone else’s fault.

Here is a list of the different types of accident and illness claims for incidents which have happened whilst overseas:

These types of personal injury range from the relatively mild –such as a fall or slip in a hotel through to large scale disasters such as airplane or sea emergencies.

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