Construction industry accidents claims (H2)

The construction industry is a high risk environment. Anyone who works within this industry knows how potentially dangerous it can be and takes adequate precautions.

But the sad fact is that many people have been seriously injured or killed as a result of construction site accidents.

It is important to realise that construction sites have many hazards which are not found in other workplaces. There is always a risk of a slip, trip or fall –and usually from a great height. Being struck by a falling object such as a piece of masonry or a scaffolding pole is another potential danger.

Added to that is heavy lifting and carrying, using power tools, machinery, potholes and hazardous substances or chemicals.

If you work on a construction site and have been involved in an accident which is not your fault then you may be able to claim compensation.

Health and Safety guidelines

There are guidelines designed to protect employees on a construction site although many sites still act in a way which puts their workers at risk.

The Health and Safety Executive are involved in this issue and have guidelines and information regarding constructions sites and how to reduce the risk of an accident.

This includes safety topics such as how to run a safe site with advice about working at height, demolition and electricity.

(Source: Health and Safety Executive)

If these guidelines are adhered to then accidents should not happen although it is reasonable to assume that there will be the odd minor incident. So if an accident occurs then it may be due to bad practice or a failure of care on the part of the employer.

Most common construction accidents

These include:

  • Manual handling, e.g. lifting heavy objects
  • Electric shock
  • Falls from a height, e.g. from scaffolding
  • Defective equipment, e.g. machinery
  • Struck by a falling object

No-one needs reminding about the seriousness of these accidents and the devastating consequences they have for not only the worker but their family as well.

Effects of a construction accident

Anyone who has suffered an accident on a construction site may be left with a permanent disability. This life changing injury affects not only their quality of life but that of their family as well.

If you have become injured then you not only physical pain to deal with but the accompanying mental distress as well. This distress is likely to be worse if you have sustained a permanent disability.

The emotional impact of this cannot be underestimated.

A serious injury such as this is a difficult thing for you to come to terms with. You have to face the fact that your lifestyle will change, which includes a change of job. You may have to stop work altogether.

You may require specialist treatment, medication, nursing care and support services such as physiotherapy. If you have become disabled then you may need a specialist aid or modifications to your home to enable you to be as independent as possible.

All of which costs time and money. If you have had to give up work then there is the stress of financing these as well as dealing with your loss of earnings.

This drop in income affects your family’s standard of living and only adds to the worry and stress.

Whilst compensation cannot restore you to full health or undo what has happened to you it can be useful in a variety of ways. It can help to pay for any treatment or rehabilitation you may need as well as ease some of the worry caused by your change in circumstances.

Making a claim for compensation for a construction accident

Find a solicitor or personal injury lawyer with plenty of knowledge and experience in construction industry claims. He or she will be used to handling claims such as yours which can be time consuming and complex.

The lawyer or solicitor should deal with your claim with sympathy and understanding and employ the utmost professionalism whilst doing so.

He or she will conduct an initial assessment of your claim to determine if there suitable grounds for pursuing it. This also means having enough evidence to support your claim which is vital when citing negligence on the part of the employer.

Your employer has a duty of care to his/her employees which means putting guidelines in place to ensure that you are protected against the risk of an accident or injury. But if this breaks down in any way or is not implemented then there is a high risk of a serious injury or death.

This is why it is important that construction industry employers take steps to minimise this risk. This means displaying health and safety guidelines where they can be seen by all employees, providing protective clothing, e.g. hard hats and safety goggles and appropriate training, e.g. correct lifting techniques.

If you want to know more about the claims process then visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for a construction accident

There are strict deadlines for personal injury compensation claims. The deadline is 3 years from the date of the accident but it is a good idea to check with your lawyer or solicitor about this.

It is important that you make your claim within the set time limit.

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