What is compensation culture?

The phrase ‘compensation culture’ is often used in today’s society and not always in a complimentary manner. It is often spoke of in a derogatory way and is seen by some people as a sad indictment on UK society.

It is often viewed as political correctness gone mad.

But what is compensation culture? Does it actually exist?

Compensation culture

This can be defined as a state whereby people assume that they are automatically entitled to compensation for the slightest thing. This applies to any situation irrespective of blame.

People claim for compensation for an injury in which no-one was to blame. These claims are often made for spurious reasons and in situations in which common sense should have prevailed.

We all have rights and responsibilities which include not only ourselves but other people. Many people are well informed about their rights but not always so about their responsibilities which have led to a culture in which ‘suing’ someone is seen as the norm.

It appears to be the case that some people view personal injury compensation as money which is easy to access and lying there waiting to be claimed. Their attitude is that it is always worth trying to claim compensation even if they do not have a case to do so.

Television advertisements help to encourage these attitudes as do some claims management companies.

The issue is one of taking personal responsibility for our actions and how they affect other people. This means drawing a fine line between cases where an injury has occurred due to negligence and those which are merely an accident or carelessness.

It is important to discourage false claims, absurd claims and those which could have been prevented by using common sense from the genuine claims.

The debate continues on whether a compensation culture actually exists or is something which has been blown out of all proportion.

The fact remains that many people are injured every year as a result of an accident which was not their fault. This causes stress and misery for both the victims and their families and is a life changing experience.

If this applies to you then you have a right to pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries. Despite what public opinion think many people who make a claim do so for not the money but the chance of rebuilding their life.

Many people who make a claim which is genuine are successful in doing so and put the money to good use.

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