Complaint about personal injury

Anyone who has suffered a personal injury which was not their fault has the option of making a complaint to the relevant body.

Doing this means that you will receive a written explanation of what happened, why it caused your injury and action that will be taken to ensure it does not happen again.

This should be followed by an apology.

Many places have an official complaints procedure but if not then you can obtain advice about how to make a complaint. There are organisations such as Citizens Advice Bureau who provide help on how to complain.

Organisations to make a complaint to

Who do you complain to? If you are thinking of making a complaint then approach any of the following organisations:

  • Local authority, e.g. council
  • Government department
  • NHS
  • Police
  • School, college or university
  • Employer

These organisations may have their own complaints procedure but if not then ask for advice about how to do so.

One thing to bear in mind is that the process of making a compliant is a long one so you will need to be patient. You will have to wait for a period of time before receiving an apology and nothing more than that.

This is one option but if you have sustained an injury which has affected your quality of life then your other option is to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

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