Inadequate supervision claims

Sports events such as football, cricket or rugby matches are supervised by a referee and other officials. Their role is to enforce the rules of the game and to ensure that all participants are aware of these and their responsibility to each other.

This is particularly important in children’s sports events.

There are events such as swimming galas where it is vitally important that there are lifeguards and other personnel there to protect the swimmers against accident or injury.

Anyone in a supervisory role should have been issued with instructions on how to organise the event and ensure that it runs smoothly and without any problems. They should also reduce the risk of an accident to both spectators and participants.

But if this is inadequate or fails in some way then an accident is likely to happen. If this accident is shown to have occurred as a result of negligence then it is liable for compensation.

If you have been injured playing sport in which you feel there was inadequate supervision then consider making a claim for compensation.

Making a claim for compensation for inadequate supervision

Find a solicitor or personal injury law firm that has people specially trained in this type of claim. Ideally they will have handled many types of sports injury claims which include those for poor or inadequate supervision.

The lawyer or solicitor should be able to deal with your claim in a sympathetic and non-judgmental manner and discuss the likely outcome with you. They should have knowledge and expertise in sports related claims and will advise you accordingly.

They will review your case to begin with to see if there is enough evidence to support a claim for compensation. If there is then you should be advised about the process each step of the way.

Find out more about the claims process in our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for inadequate supervision

Personal injury claims usually have a 3 year time limit but there are exceptions to this. Your lawyer or solicitor will confirm with you the time limit for a compensation claim.

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