Brain and spinal cord injuries

Some of the most serious injuries experienced are brain and spinal cord. These types of injuries often result in long term disability, paralysis or even death.

This category of personal injury claims includes the following:

A brain or spinal cord injury not only affects the person concerned but their family as well. In these cases the consequences are devastating.

They include the pain, discomfort and stress caused by the injury which in most cases is both physical and mental. In some cases, a brain injury results in mental impairment which means 24 hour supportive care is needed.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer this type of injury as the result of an accident then you are looking at rehabilitation, specialised care and support. All of these services cost time and money.

This can be even worse if a child is affected. If you are the parent of a child who has suffered a brain or spinal cord injury then you have the physical injury to deal with as well as the psychological trauma.

You will want to ensure that your child receives the very best care in the hope that they make some kind of improvement however small that may be. This means making a claim for compensation to cover the cost of treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare.

This is particularly important for the relatives of the person who has been injured. In many ways they are the ones who have to cope with the consequences of a severe injury such as a brain trauma for the rest of their lives. Plus they have to do this with limited assistance from the State.

A successful claim for compensation can mean the difference between being able to provide the kind of specialised help and support and having to rely on the State to do so.

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