Serious injuries

Serious injuries have a catastrophic effect on the injured person and their family. They can be life threatening but in all cases they result in a permanent change to someone’s quality of life.

Anyone who sustains a serious injury for whatever reason is facing a future in which they will require specialist care and support –often on a 24 basis. This places a tremendous burden upon them and their family and causes a great deal of distress.

What are classed as serious injuries?

These include amputation, spinal cord injuries, head and brain injuries and burns and scalds.

Several of these are discussed in separate sections within this guide.

For example:

Visit any of these if your personal injury or that of someone you know falls into any of these categories.

This section looks at these types of serious injury claims:

These all have serious consequences for the injured person which results in a completely altered way of life. The affected person has to adjust to a new way of living which is both distressing and difficult for all concerned.

Impact of a serious injury

Their family has to learn to cope with these changes and the realisation that their loved one has a new set of challenges to face. On a practical level these include having to change jobs or give up work altogether which places a huge strain on their standard of living.

Modifications made need to be made to the family home; specialist equipment required such as a wheelchair or visual aids; medication; prosthetics and specialised care and support. Rehabilitation is another option.

There may be help available from the State towards the cost of these but this is often a complex and time consuming process which many people find too stressful.

Taking action

Compensation can help.

We understand that no amount of compensation in the world will restore your health to you, enabling you to function in the same way you did before.

If a member of your family has been seriously injured then we know that compensation will not undo what has happened. But, it can cover the cost of rehabilitation and any other essential services which may help to reduce some of the stress caused by the accident.

Pursue a claim for compensation if you or someone you know has sustained as serious injury which was not you/their fault. Find a personal injury lawyer or solicitor who has experience in these types of claims.

They should deal with your claim in a sensitive and understanding manner. He or she will be aware of the emotional impact of a serious injury and the effect it has had on not only your health but your everyday existence. This also includes the effect it has had on your family who have to come to terms with your altered condition.

Find out more about serious injuries claims in this section.

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