Brain injuries in children claims

Injuries to children are always traumatic and brain injuries especially so. Children are prone to all types of injuries but a brain injury can have serious consequences for both the child and the family.

A brain injury has a physical and mental impact on a child and can affect their development to the extent that they are unable to function on a normal level. Any form of brain damage can mean that a child is left disabled for their rest of their life and will require specialised care and support.

This is devastating for the parents who then have to cope with the consequences.

Extent of a brain injury in children

A brain injury can be severe from the outset or can develop over a long period of time. It is not uncommon for a child to sustain a head injury which appears only mild and yet worsens over time.

The effect of this will impact upon the child’s schooling, relationships with others and the ability to carry out day to day tasks.

Generally, the younger the child when they sustain a brain injury the longer it will take to heal. This equally applies if the child is younger rather than older.

One way of approaching it is this: a broken bone or illness will resolve itself within a short space of time. But a brain injury is with you for life.

Types of accidents which cause a brain injury

There are a variety of ways in which a child can sustain a brain injury. These include:

  • At school, e.g. tripping over in the playground
  • On the road, e.g. being knocked off a bike
  • At home, e.g. slips, trips or falls
  • Public spaces
  • Injuries which have been deliberately inflicted, e.g. bullying

A brain injury in a child is often much worse than that in an adult. A child’s brain is still developing and any injury to that will affect that child’s mental faculties. This can have a greater impact as they get older and into adulthood.

If your child has sustained a brain injury from an accident which was not his or her fault then consider making a claim for compensation.

Making a claim for compensation for a child’s brain injury

This is a specialist type of claim which requires the services of people with experience and sensitivity in handling these types of claims.

In many cases the child affected is unable to function as per normal and will require care and support for the rest of their life. This is a very difficult situation for any parent and one that requires tact and careful handling.

A claim for compensation is about ensuring that the payment will cover the costs of the following:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Treatment costs
  • Specialised nursing care (e.g. 24 hour basis)
  • Educational needs
  • Specialised aids or equipment
  • Modifications to your home

It is not the money itself is the issue but what it can do in terms of paying for support and care. Any parent wants to do the best for their child and these situations are no different.

The aim is to improve the quality of life for the injured child and their parents. Even if the child is unlikely to recover they are still entitled to any means of support which might offer some hope however slim that may be.

You need to search for a personal injury law firm who has expertise in this area. Other options include claims assessors –also known as claims management firms or a solicitor.

For more information about this process visit our making a claim for compensation section.

Time limit for claiming compensation for a child’s brain injury

There may be a time limit regarding making a claim for compensation so check with your personal injury lawyer or solicitor. Most claims have a 3 year time limit but this may differ with this type of compensation claim.

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